Let's stop this nonsense

When you think about the word violence, you might think of someone being hit or beaten up. Probably not something you can identify yourself with. However, there are other forms of violence that you may be involved in yourself.

How about looking through magazines of beautiful, skinny models with perfect skin, while feeling awful about yourself, but still buying the same magazines, watching the same commercials and putting yourself on another unattainable goal of losing 5 more kilos so you can feel happy about yourself. Trust me, you will not! Even if you would lose 6 kilos, you probably will find 6 other reasons to keep on feeling bad about yourself.1

Let’s stop this nonsense and start connecting with how you really want to feel.

Let’s stop reading magazines and watching commercials that do not reflect real beauty, nor the way 95% of women or men look like. Let’s stop yourself from having negative thoughts about all your shortcomings.

  • Let’s start connecting with how you really want to feel.
  • Let’s start changing the way you talk to yourself.
  • Let’s start being kind and loving to yourself.

Difficult? Mwah, maybe, but probably much easier than becoming one of those photoshopped models you were looking at earlier. Because THEY ARE NOT REAL. You are.

  1. Just a sidenote, if you DO want to lose weight, please let it be an act of self-love, because you want to eat healthier, have more energy, take care of yourself. This will also make it much easier.