regular practice makes you feel better

Private sessions

Weekly group lessons

I create trainings tailored to your specific needs at any given moment.

Private classes are especially beneficial if:

  • you are suffering from specific discomforts that need a personal approach.
  • you are looking for tailored yoga practice in the comfort of your own house, or at certain hours.

Private classes are flexible and easy to fit in your schedule. I allow up to 3 people to participate in a private class.

Weekly group lessons

Weekly group lessons

I focus on women's bodies and their needs in my group trainings

We are cyclical, we live hormonal and physical changes during all stages of our lives. My personal practice has changed to take into account these changes and I want to share it with you.

In my practice I focus on:

  • recovering a healthy posture
  • addressing back problems
  • working on pelvic floor issues
  • and, of course, prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Book your next yoga session

To book both private and group sessions, call me at 622 875 478 or drop me a line