about me

( Judith Janssen )

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and currently live in Spain with my boyfriend and two kids. I went through the whole package: university, travelling and working at a multinational company. I felt a bit disorientated and disconnected from what I really wanted in life. Then, I came across yoga and it was quite a revelation. Yoga became my passion and later my profession.

My approach to yoga

We live in a culture where the motto is “no pain no gain”. Yes, the feeling that you get after a tough workout is great, but a lot of workouts can be harmful for your body, and even for your self-image.

Even yoga, when practised in a disrespectful way can cause harm to your body, and injury. So, for me, one of the key things in yoga is respect for your body. You can have a tough and exhilarating yoga workout, but always within the boundaries that your body, your constitution sets.

I think we better work for self-acceptance than for self-improvement, and cultivate a constructive and loving attitude towards ourselves.

I focus on body awareness, proper breathing and proper postural alignment. My teaching is an integration of Hatha yoga with the precision and props of Iyengar yoga, the dynamics of Vinyasa flow and other body movement and expression techniques.

Feel inspired?

I'm in the middle of preparing a meditation challenge and my new acts of love series.
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